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Testing Components and Applications

Next we want to test the application, using the built-in emulator and interacting with the app. Select the Test tab in the SuperheroController dashboard. Select an endpoint method to test, starting with the method list() mapped to endpoint /superhero. Press Submit.

Confirm that the page with the list of Superheros is rendered. Do a a quick search on the list of Superhero by typing some query on the filter widgets.

Next, click on the hyper-link with the name of any of the Superhero, and confirm that the details page is rendered. Press the Back button, and do this for other instances as well. Press also Edit and change the details of some of the instances.

For all pages, listing, details, and editor, you should confirm that the pages rendered are exactly the ones that you had previewed already. Previewing the page allow to do guide the creation of the look&feel. However, experimenting with and testing a Web Controller component allows to fully experience the app and UI/UX workflow as the a real final user will experience. Thus, going beyond what can be done only by previewing a View. Moreover, the data model variables used in rendering each view are fully determined by workflow, rather than being “mocked” and statically selected.

In the details page, press Delete and confirm that a delete confirmation modal show up. Choose to delete the Superhero and confirm that you are redirect again to the listings page. In other tab, open the entity dashboard for the Superhero entity, and confirm that delete entity is not longer present in the dummy dataset.

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