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A ConfigMap in Kubernetes is a named set of key-value pairs that can be defined in a Space/Namespace, and bound to an application for configuration. Cloud Managar provide a simple and intuitive UI to create and edit ConfigMaps in a Space.

Listing Config Maps

The list of ConfigMaps defined in a Space is shown in tab Environment > ConfigMaps in the Space Details page. The name and list of keys (variables) defined in each ConfigMap is shown.

Image below shows a snapshots of a ConfigMap list.

ConfigMap  List

By clicking on the name of a ConfigMap a modal dialog pops up that allow to view and edit the values of the key-value pairs. The actions menu can also be used to edit or delete the ConfigMap.

Creating and Editing Config Maps

To create a new ConfigMap press the Add New button in the ConfigMap list panel (in toolbar or footer). Each ConfigMap has a name that need to be unique in the Space/Namespace. An arbitrary number of key-value pairs can be added to a ConfigMap by pressing button Add Variable.

Image below shows a snapshots of the ConfigMap create/edit modal dialog.

ConfigMap Create

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