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If you are deploying CloudManager on on-premises clusters, own laptop, local or remote VMs, or in public clouds not managed by EInnovator, you may start by using a free/unlicensed installation (“Community Plan”). This allows you to make deployments up to a limited workload. Beyond that, you may opt to extend the resource capacity by purchasing and setting up a license. Both, low-cost developer licenses and fully supported high-end enterprise license are available.

Comparing Licenses

Table below compare the licensing plan for CloudManager:

Pods Limit
Memory LimitSpaces LimitClusters LimitBug Fix Priority16/6 SupportNew Feature PriorityMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Free/Unlicensed1010Gb32 No No NoFREE
Development Licenseunlimitedunlimited
unlimitedunlimited Yes No No100$ (20Gb) + N*50$ (N*10Gb)
100€ (20Gb) + N*50€ (N*10Gb) /month
(min. 20Gb, with 10Gb increments)
15% discount
Enterprise Licenseunlimitedunlimited
unlimitedunlimited Yes Yes Yes1000$ (100Gb) + N*500$ (N*50Gb)
1000€ (100Gb) + N*500€ (N*50Gb) /month
(min. 100Gb, with 50Gb increments)
25% discount

Purchasing a New License or Upgrading

Contact Support {support@einnovator.org} for further inquiries, purchase or upgrade license.

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