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Version Control Systems (VCS), such as GIT repositories, are the dominant way by which software source code is managed. In containerized deployments as done in Kubernetes, a key step in the development pipe-line is to build projects from source-code fetched from a VCS/GIT repository to build a Docker image. CloudManager provides support for this by integration with the CI/CD tool Tekton.

Listing VCSs

VCSs are a top level abstraction in CloudManager, and each user can configure access to several VCSs. These VCSs can then be selected from when configuring the source Repository for CI/CD build. This is required for private source repositories, in to specify the authentication credentials when when pulling the source code. For public repositories, this is not strictly required, as the source code can be pulled wihout credentials. The button VCS in the top-right toolbar, navigate to the list of VCSs configured by a user.

CloudManager is not in it self a VCS implementation, but integrated with any GIT VCS.

Image below shows an example of list VCSs available to a user:

VCS List

Creating and Editing VCSs

A user can define any number of VCSs. The button Add New in the VCS list page, opens a form page to create a new VCS. Several options are available to configure the credentials to access a VCS to accommodate different authentication methods supported by different VCSs implementations.

The following fields should be specified when defining a VCS:

  • URL — Home URL of the VCS.
  • Name — descriptive name
  • Credential Type — Type of authentication credentials to user (None | Username/Password | OAuth2 Token | SSH Private Key)
  • The remaining credentials info:
    • Username and Password — username and password specified at signup in the VCS
    • OAUth2 Token
    • SSH Private Key
  • an optional decorative media thumbnail

The Home URL of a VCS is use to identify which VCS configuration to use for a repository. For example, if a VCS is defined with URL https://github.com (GitHub), than for any GIT repository specified in an CI/CD build pipeline that has this URL prefix the credentials specified in the VCS will be used.

Images below show examples of VCS definition: GitHub (left-side), BitBucket (right-side).

VCS Create VCS Create

Any VCS that supports GIT repositories can be configure in CloudManager. As a convenience, CloudManager UI provides several “One-Click/Quick-Setup” buttons for commonly used public SasS VCSs. Table below provides a summary of these VCSs as well as the credential types to use/supported. Notice this list may change with different versions of CloudManager.

IconVCS NameServer URLCredential Type(s)
googlecloudGoogle Cloudhttps://source.cloud.google.comUsername/JSON Token

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