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EInnovator SSO Gateway

SSO Gateway

EInnovator SSO Gateway is white-label solution to authentication, identify management, and access-control in micro-services architectures. It support the OAuth2 protocol as way to allow application to automatically authenticate users, and have a single security context across a set of micro-services. It provides a rich UI to allow users to manage their profiles and privacy, and groups and organizations to manage membership, role assignments, and organizational structure. Administrators can manage all resources in a convenient way, including users, groups, gloabl roles, client applications, and tokens.

EInnovator SSO Gateway is built from the group-up to be used in the context of micro-services architectures. It provides a rich programming model, API, and client libraries, that allows application to to easily integrate with other services in a secure way, extend the security settings and define application specific roles. It is highly-configurable using an assortment of settings and selection from many pre-availble themes. Developers can also created and integrate new themes, customize exiting views, or create new views.


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